1954 sportiva

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Henry Ford used to tip his hat when he saw an Alfa Romeo pass, and on the day he managed to beat the Alfas, Enzo Ferrari cried. The sporting heart, the rumble of the engine, and unmistakeable design, and the drivers who rode their marques into history can never be forgotten. A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) first made its appearance in 1910. It was founded in Portello by several racing enthusiasts on the principle of making exhilaration a key component of driving. At that time, one magazine highlighted : "ALFA: the word itself ...designates the first letter of the alphabet, the symbol of a starting point, something beginning, a new life taking shape..."

When Nicola Romeo bought Alfa in 1915, the name was changed to "ALFA ROMEO-MILANO". The first car, the Torpedo, boasted under 30 horsepower, but as one can see progress came, remarkably,following WW1 with the introduction of more powerful engines.

In 1972, the famous badge took on its present day appearance, when the word "MILANO" was dropped after construction of the Alfasud factory in Pomigliano. Please write to us with your requests for these fine automobiles. We will do our best to put you not only behind the wheel of your dreams, but also into the forefront of automotive history.